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愛食同源 hearty healthy food

HALAL ハラル認証を取得した工場製品については外箱及び内包装にハラルマークを表示しています。


食品輸入専門商社としての責任  −安心安全な食材を求めて−



Obligation as a food import specialized trading company - For safety food -

We make it our mission to provide safety food to our customers and to contribute for creating good health food culture. From this point of view, we work through every problem one by one with respect.


1 素材を極める Select of raw material


We visit country of origin and see the quality of raw material and check the standard of acceptability and biological test for raw material in OEM factory. Using well‐selected raw material is very important to produce high‐quality food.

2 品質管理の徹底 Quality control


Based on our accumulated know-how for a long time, we contract the OEM agreement with overseas factory which fills our standard of acceptability and our audit in accordance with our food safety management system. We validate and check the sanitary condition, process control, and production circumstance of OEM factory in order to supervise them to keep enough safety.

3 食品検査の実施 Food sanitation


Our products undergo and pass the export quarantine inspection in country of origin, and also clear strict Japanese import quarantine inspection. And we inspect all our import product in every shipment when we import them, and we test our products by biological test regularly in order to check their safeness.

4 適正な表示 Label standardization


We confirm the adequateness of our indication of our package to Japanese quarantine station, public health department and JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard ) in accordance with Japanese law before we import product.

5 体にやさしい食品の開発 Approach to wholesome food


Based on our principle that we respect natural palatability of food, we work on developing the product which is preferably free from scientific food additives.